Creatures in the Amazon delta and their view of the world

Interactive virtual reality experience as part of the Deltas project


The VR experience takes us straight into the middle of the unique ecosystem of the Amazon rainforest, enabling us to become part of the exotic fauna. We get to know the Amazon delta from the perspective of its inhabitants – the creatures. How do black caimans and tarantulas, among others, experience their environment? Which senses ensure that the creatures find their way around the dense rainforest, can lurk in wait of prey and master the dangers?

This virtual reality experience enables the impossible to happen: transformation into an animal

In the VR experience, we slip into the role of the creatures and assume their perception. As a tarantula, we crawl through the undergrowth, as a sloth we hang upside down from a tree, as a black caiman we lurk on the riverbank, and as an Amazon dolphin we swim in the water. Always on guard, always on the lookout for food, we literally do experience the environment with the creatures’ senses.

An immersive, integrated experience based on scientific knowledge

How do I perceive my rainforest environment as a giant tarantula? And as a black caiman, how is it that I can lurk motionless in the water yet monitor my entire environment? On the basis of scientific information, we interpret the creatures’ perception and transform it into a visual, spatial and haptic language and tonality. As people, we are able to intuitively perceive, comprehend and sense it within the VR experience.

Delight in nature and science – Awaken a willingness to experiment and an enquiring mind

The Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest remaining rainforest – one of the Earth’s most diverse ecosystems and the last partially unexplored paradise in our environment. The VR experience conveys the exotic nature and diversity of the rainforest and the extraordinary abilities of the creatures in it. Over millions of years, they have evolved to become ideally suited to their living environment, thus bringing about ways of life and perception that are as varied as they are elaborate. The VR experience conveys all this in authentic and immersive fashion. The intensive experiences in the virtual reality convey scientific knowledge in a playful, exciting manner, making us curious about the underlying research and promoting our interest in nature and the natural sciences.

Scientifically substantiated

The Berlin Natural History Museum provides guidance and supports the development of the VR experience with its scientific expertise, as well as making data, objects and archive material available. We plan to install the project in the Natural History Museum as part of an exhibition.