Discover the Amazon rainforest and its wildlife through virtual reality

Inside Tumucumaque

Interactive VR experience and installation

Launch in 2018

Tumucumaque National Park is a nature reserve in the northwest of Brazil that is currently under threat. The interactive VR experience Inside Tumucumaque takes us there in a heartbeat – to a clearing in the middle of the Amazon rainforest for us to discover in all its facets. It is here that we get to know the rainforest from the perspective of its inhabitants – its wildlife.

How would I perceive my environment as a giant tarantula? Or if I were a black caiman, how is it that I could lurk motionless in the water but still perceive my entire surroundings? Based on scientific research, we interpret the creatures’ perception and transform it into a visual, spatial and tactile language and tonality for people to intuitively perceive, comprehend and sense within the VR experience.

A journey of discovery for the senses – based on scientific research

Inside Tumucumaque allows us to immerse ourselves in the ecosystem of the Amazon rainforests and slip into the role of its native wildlife. The creatures’ senses are interpreted both visually and haptically, based on scientific research, which is presented in an entertaining and exciting format.

Scientifically substantiated

The Berlin Natural History Museum guides and supports the development of the virtual reality experience Inside Tumucumaque with its scientific expertise, making data, objects and archive material available to the developers. Inside Tumucumaque will go on an international tour as part of an installation for people to experience in natural history and technology museums around the world.