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In 2019, the art, design, architecture and theatre worlds will be celebrating the anniversary of the Bauhaus’s founding year. For the occasion of its 100th anniversary, exhibitions on what remains today the most influential modernist school will be held in many places. With the international cross-media project BAUHAUS SPIRIT, the Interactive Media Foundation and Filmtank present the Bauhaus for the present day.

The installation THE TOTAL DANCE THEATRE transposes the stage experiments of Oskar Schlemmer and Walter Gropius into the digital age: The project takes advantage of the fascinating possibilities presented by virtual reality, in order to tackle in a playful manner the relationship between man and machine. A question that, in light of the rapid development of artificial intelligence, is becoming ever more relevant for our society. We realise the once utopian idea of the ‘Total Theatre’, the fusion of spectators and the happenings on the stage, using the technology available to us today: virtual reality.

The installation will go on international tour throughout the anniversary year. In Germany, you will be able to experience it at the Bauhaus Dessau and at the ZKM (Centre for Art and Media in Karlruhe), among other places.

THE TOTAL DANCE THEATRE brings together a renowned international team. This features the American choreographer Richard Siegal, who develops his interpretation of Oskar Schlemmer’s artificial figures and movement ideas, and the digital production artists from Artifical Rome, who will bring the immersive experience to life. Together we create a modular experience – whether as a performative multi-user installation in museums and galleries, which also includes a contextualised presentation space, or as a standalone experience that I as a user can experience at home, or wherever possible as a live performance on stage.

3D-Model of Stage and Installation Set-Up The Total Dance Theater © Artifical Rome / IMF

THE TOTAL DANCE THEATRE is supported by ‘Fonds Bauhaus heute’, the German federal government’s cultural foundation.

According to our academic and artistic appraisal, this project combines the experimentation of the historical Bauhaus with the artistic means of expression of the 21st century, and in unparalleled fashion.

Claudia Perren, Director of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

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