Frogs & Friends

41 percent of amphibian species are threatened by extinction. We want to do something about it!
Inspire – with the wonderful world of amphibians.
Activate – to join the fight to save them.
From fascination to action: online, in exhibitions, in the field, in the lab.


“Frogs & Friends” puts the most dramatic wave of extinction since the end of the dinosaurs in the spotlight: digitally, on the online platform www.frogs-friends.org but also in real life, with interactive multimedia exhibitions at the zoos in Cologne, Vienna and Zurich.

Besides topical video reports about international research and conservation projects, a beautifully illustrated web documentary transports viewers into the world of amphibians. Visually appealing and scientifically accurate, the most important facts are presented in a cross-media, playful format. From the transition onto land to their fascinating diversity and current endangerment: an interactive adventure to learn and be amazed!

Scientists, biologists and artists have teamed up with Frogs & Friends to create awareness about the threat to amphibians: online and offline, on websites and in zoos. Frogs & Friendsworks with an international network of zoos, research institutions and independent experts.

Besides internationally renowned natural history institutions, Frogs & Friends is now one of five German partners represented in the “Natural History” section on Google Arts & Culture.

We want to infect people with the fascination of frogs and bring the dramatic issue of amphibian decline out of the shadows into the light.

Björn Encke, Founder and Chair of Frogs & Friends, Berlin