Creative thanks to the inspiration provided by technology, art and the media.


Tinkertank is where robots are constructed from electronic scrap, t-shirts are converted into intelligent wearables, virtual worlds are created and everybody involved has fun.
Following the mission statement “everyone can do something and together we can anything”, the participants tinker, assemble, drill and programme together with designers, artists and mentors to create incredible new beings and worlds.

In the Tinkertank creative lab, everyone can find powerful inspiration and learn to trust their own abilities. There’s always something to discover and invent here!
Among children and young people Tinkertank enables their creativity and self-reliance to blossom. For adults, Tinkertank means reviving their own creativity and gaining new perspectives.

What we aim to achieve with this playful and creative approach is to accompany children and adults as they actively contribute towards shaping our high-tech world.

Tinkertank is structured on a cooperative basis. This means that we implement our workshops and camps ourselves, but are increasingly cooperating in this respect with partners from the worlds of art, culture and business. We pass on the know-how and experience we have gained in the five years in which Tinkertank has existed in the form of mentored training.

I can solder now! And programming is also fun because now I can make a robot walk!

Gian-Luca, 12 years old