A glimpse into the future of our society?

It all began with the investigative documentary “Total Trust” by Jialing Zhang, which IMF, among others, is involved in as co-producer and which will be shown in cinemas across Germany from autumn 2023.

Since its premiere in March 2023, the film has enjoyed great success at the world's most prestigious festivals. It sheds light on the surveillance system in China and reveals the consequences for citizens inside the country.

The tools of surveillance technology are available everywhere in the world, including in democratic systems. And they are being used. "Total Trust" is therefore not only a film about the totalitarian system in China - it also holds a mirror up to the West.

Public and political discussions

IMF is responsible for the impact campaign on “Total Trust” with the aim of initiating a public as well as political discussion about the central themes in the film - surveillance, technology, digital self-determination and resistance. There are still lessons to be learned from the situation in China for liberal societies as we become aware of the consequences of digital surveillance.

The theatrical release in Germany will kick off in the autumn of 2023 and gives the broad public access to engage in the discussion.

Total Trust, that's what makes the film so strong, accuses without accusing.

Die Zeit

Öffentliche und politische Diskussionen

Die IMF verantwortet die Impact-Kampagne zu „Total Trust“ mit dem Ziel, eine öffentliche sowie politische Diskussion über die zentralen Themen im Film anzustoßen – Überwachung, Technologiedigitale Selbstbestimmung und Widerstand. Noch können vielleicht aus der Situation in China Lehren für liberale Gesellschaften gezogen werden, wenn wir uns der Konsequenzen von digitaler Überwachung bewusstwerden.

Im Rahmen des Kinostarts in Deutschland starteten in zahlreichen Kinos öffentliche Diskussionen mit Expert:innen für Überwachungstechnologie, Datenschutz und Demokratieförderung. Aktuelle Termine von Paneldiskussionen finden sie hier: www.total-trust.org

An observational documentary at its best.

Modern Times Review

International know-how from 89up

This is only possible thanks to a strong partner network. In particular, we have forged close ties with the accomplished London-based impact agency 89up, which is playing a key role in shaping the campaign with its in-depth knowledge of the topic and its experienced team. For example, 89up was responsible for the campaign for the documentary film about the whistleblower Edward Snowden called "Citizenfour" (Director: Laura Poitras) and has already proven on several occasions that it can successfully place political issues in the public realm as well as bring together high-ranking representatives of civil society organisations to engage on pressing issues.

The campaign: https://total-trust.org/