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An Instagram project with and for young adults.

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Never before has it been so easy to participate in political discourse as it is today. At the same time, there have never been such sophisticated technical possibilities for opinion forming. YOUR DATA MIRROR empowers young adults to counter the manipulative power of data analysis-based social bots.

The YOUR DATA MIRROR Experience is a web application that has a lasting effect, stimulates thinking and motivates concrete action. The experience is based on young adult’s own recognizable data and uses storytelling and a unique visual aesthetic to create a powerful immersive experience. It creates moments that click – moments that initiate a real change in consciousness.

These experiences motivate users to research background knowledge, which is presented in varying degrees of detail on the YOUR DATA MIRROR Portal. Our goal is to turn knowledge into action, so we offer concrete assistance in steps that are easy to implement. For example, on how to secure personal data or change one’s own online behavior. In this way, we help young adults regain sovereignty over their data.

We will launch the YOUR DATA MIRROR Experience on Instagram, reaching the target group where it is currently active. With this YOUR DATA MIRROR appeal strategy, we anchor the topic in the target group, creating broad awareness on the issue.

YOUR DATA MIRROR is a participatory production. It was developed in a co-creative process together with interested young adults and our creative partners in our lab. The non- profit organization Tactical Tech was particularly involved as content partners. But also Amnesty International Deutschland supports YOUR DATA MIRROR in terms of content. The media implementation was undertaken with NEEEU, The Kissinger Twins and AGProp. Freie Universität Berlin is supporting the project scientifically with its Human-centred Computing research area. And of course, YOUR DATA MIRROR will continue to be monitored, criticized and improved by young adults.